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Missing Gnome 2.0

Salam ..
	I was reading the news today .. the Gnome 2 Developer Platform Beta got 
released .. and several other Gnome indication to the Gnome 2 Desktop release 
will start in betas .. and there is NO ar translations although with the 
Unicode support they have, all you need to arabic is a font. 

So .. I guess that we put Gnome on the Track .. at least to have gnome-core, 
glib, GTK+ and other basic stuff started with .. We don't want the Gnome 2 to 
be released with absolutely NO Arabic .. at least make sure that even if 
there is no Translation , there is the FULL base for Arabic, and to include 
fonts, not scab fonts as the X11's 10x20 ..

Although I think that KDE is ahead in terms of i18n and being use friendly, I 
trust that the long awaited Gnome 2 would be something really special , and 
push the desktop Linux way forward ..

Let's at least have the l10n for Arabic in Gnome 2 and forget the translation 
.. make sure that I can select Jordan as my country from the control center, 
and that MG select KSA , and that the known Arabic encodings (UTF-8, 
iso8859-6, cp1256) can be displayed .. If I get the green light from all of 
you I can send them as Arabeyes to check the status, and follow up .. without 
Arabeyes' follow up, there would be no one to push :)

Isam Bayazidi
Amman - Jordan
Think Linux + Think Arabic = Think www.arabeyes.org