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Re: KDE3 beta1

On Friday 07 December 2001 07:20, you wrote:
> For example, they are moving  us from 'kde-i18n/ara' to 'kde-i18n/ar'.
Hurray :) that is betterly named :)

> Btw Isam, kcmsamba.po has the wrong encoding (I think you were the last to
> commit that file.)
OPS :) .. BTW .. I don't know if you Mohammed use it or not .. to convert to 
UTF-8 from the missencoded file :

iconv -f WINDOWS-1256 -t UTF-8 filename > samefile

or if it is in UNICODE not UTF-8:
iconv -f ISO-8859-6-t UTF-8 filename > samefile

BTW: I finished the kcmsamba.po .. but after it MG did a 'fix' that I am not 
sure what it was ..

		Isam Bayazidi
		Amman - Jordan