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Kasct One 3.0 and Kacst Fonts 2.01 released


   Arabeyes is pleased to announce the release of new version in the
Kacst package. Many changes changes occured to the whole Kacst fonts
collection, but KacstOne received most of the love thanks to Khaled
Hosny, Khotot project maintainer. The new version of KacstOne is very
readable as a user interface font, unlike most Arabic fonts.

  The fonts are available for download here:


  KacstOne 3.0 main improvements and features:

- Removed all Latin glyphs from URW fonts, now the font contains only
Latin digits and punctuation marks from FreeSerif font.
- Improved the visibility of Taskhil marks, they are now wider and
easily distinguishable.
- The position of Tashkil marks has been redone from scratch to ensure
better positioning and maximum readability.
- The overall design of the font is optimized for 10pt size at 100dpi,
the dots are more visible and don't touch, glyph contours are ensured
to look open, and glyph details are preserved.
- New glyphs to support the Persian language.
- New aesthetic ligatures.
- Ensured that no gaps appear between connected glyphs.
- Kerning

  If you are interested to contribute to the Khotot project, please
contact the 'general' mailing list and read the project's wiki page.

-- Youssef Chahibi, on behalf of Khaled Hosny