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GSoC forgoes Arabeyes

It is with regret that we inform you that Google didn't pick
Arabeyes [1] as a mentoring organization for its Summer of Code
(GSoC) 2007 [2].  The reply we got post inquiring from Google
via Leslie Hawthorn was in essence,

  ''Honestly, we cannot accept every organization.  Your
    application was well done and we are sorry we had to
    turn you away.  We would absolutely welcome an application
    from your organization next year.''

A number of other prominent projects were unfortunately overlooked
as well so please don't start any conspiracy theories :-)

I think a number of those involved would agree on our collective
need to be _more_ active in the Open Source community to not only
raise awareness about our Arabic issues and about Arabeyes in
general (better PR all around is needed) but we also need to show
more results and be more involved in all the important projects
out there.

We again thank all those that helped with the GSoC application and
look forward to a productive results filled year (we really need it !!).

[1] http://www.arabeyes.org
[2] http://code.google.com/soc


 .: Arabeyes.org :.