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Katoob ver 0.3.0 Released

Arabeyes would like to announce the release of Katoob version 0.3.0

  This version comes after a very long time and big efforts spent in the
   development. This version offers the new MDI interface, Follows the GNOME
   human interface guidelines, Fixes many bugs and segfaults "Most of them
   happens when the user does an unexpected behaviour as opening binary files
   as HTML style". A new preferences dialog. More options are now customizable,
   Saving in plain UTF-8, ISO-8859-6 & cp1256 works well. The ability to import
   and export HTML numerical characters references. The new Arabic emulator.
   You really got to try this version. ;)

Full ChangeLog:
 * The new MDI interface
 * A Polish translation "Krzysztof Krzyzaniak <eloy at transilvania dot eu dot org>"
 * The statusbar update followes the cursor movement.
 * Line & Column count begins from 1 not 0.
 * Removed all images from the executable file, They are now loaded at runtime
 * The textbuffer is now always in focus
 * Enter in the "search for" or "replace with" activates the "find" button
 * GNOME interface guidelines compliant menubar "suggested by Jens Askengren"
 * Goto line in the menubar
 * All dialogs are now transient on the main window
 * New icons for katoob!
 * An arabic keyboard emulator to enablr the user to type Arabic without
   configuring an Arabic keyboard
 * Added "Text beside icons" To the toolbar style
 * A popup menu to the toolbar to select the style
 * A buffer status indicator in the label
 * Save a copy has been implemented
 * Implemented revert
 * Rewrote the recent routines to avoid possible segfaults
 * Many code cleanups, Numerous bug fixes
 * Fixed a bug when trying to save text with BIDI tags in windows or iso
 * Enabling/Disabling, Limiting the size of the Undo history
 * Limiting the size of the Recent documents menu
 * More improvements to the user interface
 * Opening multiple files from the command line  
 * The ability to import, export files in the "HTML Numerical characters
 * Katoob doesn't display an error when the configuration file is not found
 * Fixed the error when saving empty files
 * Enhancements for the encoding menu
 * --enable-debug defines g_malloc() as malloc(), g_free() as free() and
   includes stdlib.h
 * Katoob doesn't save when the disk is full

You can download the latest source and/or RPM from 
The RPMs are built on Mandrake 8.2 with gcc 2.96
Using version 2.0.6 of GTK+
-- Katoob Main Developer
Linux registered user # 224950
ICQ # 58475622
With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibilities.

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