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Arabeyes' Evolution Party :-)

Arabeyes.org took a major evolutionary step on July 29, 2001 when
it mutated to its current final form.  We, the volunteers, workers,
Arabic language lovers and linux enthusiasts, would all like to
invite you to celebrate this momentous occasion.

If you've wanted to meet the Arabeyes' team but never had the time/courage;
if you've wanted to thank someone for making a difference in your life;
if you've wanted to yell at someone for not doing enough;
if you've wanted to complain about arabeyes' current logo (or submit one);

  then this is your chance :-)

We'll talk about our past accomplishments, future goals, ideas and
simply get together to meet each other and have FUN :-)

Come say hello to the team and help us celebrate our first annual
evolution party,

  Date    : Monday - July 29, 2002
  Method  : IRC    (http://www.irchelp.org)
  Server  : irc.openprojects.net
  Channel : #arabeyes
  Duration: 12-hours
  Time    :  6:00pm -  6:00am UAE          (UTC+0400)
             5:00pm -  5:00am Egypt/Jordan (UTC+0300)
             2:00pm -  2:00am GMT          (UTC)
            10:00am - 10:00pm Eastern-US   (UTC-0400)
             7:00am -  7:00pm Pacific-US   (UTC-0700)

To figure YOUR appropriate time, visit http://www.worldtimeserver.com

As this party will span 12-hours (due to the various time-zones), feel
free to participate for as LONG as you can -- tell your friends/family.

We will continue to be taking your suggestions, feedback, and answering
any questions you may have -- but we are planning on having more fun
than useful ;-)  This is more of a social call than it is technical...

So don't hesitate to come-by and help us celebrate :-)

 - Arabeyes.org Team