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[admin] Fwd: Re: Please could you reboot Sina.arabeyes.org

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Subject: Re: Please could you reboot Sina.arabeyes.org
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2009 00:21:15 -0800
From: John Batyka <john at bel dot bc dot ca>
To: Mohammed Adnène Trojette <adn at diwi dot org>

Hi Mohammed,

I sent you a couple of emails. I am going to need a response or the  
server will be removed from the Internet.


John Batyka
Binary Environments Ltd
john at bel dot bc dot ca
(604) 733-4060
(604) 306-4133

New Address
880-916 West Broadway
V5Z 1K7

On 21-Feb-09, at 7:46 AM, Mohammed Adnène Trojette wrote:

On Tue, Feb 17, 2009, Mohammed Adnène Trojette wrote:
>  Hello,
> please could you reboot sina.arabeyes.org (IP:
> Is there a way to remotely reboot the machine when it freezes.

Dear John,

sina.arabeyes.org is still frozen and it would be really appreciated if
you could reboot it. I hope you'll have the time to do so and reply
to me ASAP.

Thanks in advance,
Mohammed Adnène Trojette