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Re: Tweak MLs subjects

On Mon, Jan 28, 2008, Mohamed Magdy wrote:
> Salam


> Per adn, I'm posting here.

Thank you very much and sorry for not answering before :-(

> Please tweak the configuration of the mailing lists so that Mailman appends
> the mailing list name before the subject in the subject line.
> Rationale:
> The current behavior is ambiguous because when you receive a message from
> one of Arabeyes's ml messages, you don't know: 1-if this message came from a
> mailing list or not. 2-which message belongs to which mailing list. I rather
> find that quite annoying. There is filters all right but it isn't as good as
> having the list name in the email subject line.

My suggestion would be to filter your incoming emails according to the
X-Been-There header. Using procmail with the following rule puts each
mailing list in a different mailbox or maildir:

# Arabeyes
* ^X-BeenThere:  dot + at arabeyes dot org
* ^X-BeenThere: \/[^ at ]+

> What do you think?

If more people are in favor of the change, I'll do it, of course. But I
really think it clutters the Subject line.

Mohammed Adnčne Trojette