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Re: [Fwd: New IP]

--- Zaied Mohamed <zaiedmohamed at yahoo dot fr> wrote:
> I think that you send me a message that I don't understand any
> thing (it's the second time ?????).
>   Please let me know about what ?

Mohamed, this is a mailing-list which is concerned with Arabeyes' server
upkeep and admin'ing issues (along with other internal things) - make sure
you're subscribed to the proper mailing-lists of interest [1].  The emails
are notifications with regard to an upcoming change - it really doesn't
concern you in any direct manner (I would have thought that would have been
obvious and understood).

Hope that makes sense now - its a conversation between myself and Anmar
which affects Arabeyes' hardware/server and should be of interest to a
few involved volunteers to that end...

[1] http://arabeyes.org/mailinglists.php


 - Nadim

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