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Re: dictionary

--- Mohamed Hammam <mohamed dot hammam2 at gmail dot com> wrote:

> > I need to download in my machine english + arabic dctionary,
> > to be used offline.
> Install a dict server and convert the Arabeyes PO files to the dict
> format (This have a script to do it)
> and he advice to sent that email to arabeys.
> now my enquiries are :
> 1 -  How to Install a dict server ?
> 2 -  How to convert the Arabeyes PO files to the dict format ?

You are using the wrong mailing-list - make sure to read carefully what
each list is there for.  To address you concern make sure to read the
INSTALL file within the wordlist project [1].

Keep in mind that you'll have to do lots of this on your own and don't
expect any hand-holding as we're rather overwhelmed as is.

[1] http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/translate/wordlist/INSTALL


 - Nadim

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