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Spam filtering

M.Sameer, could you please look into how we can bounce/reject mails
via the MTA that are _coming_ in from the outside with @arabeyes.org
in their headers ?

I've tried to disable any blind acceptances within mailman which
include that (and that is not really a solution) and was never able
to have the Mail gateway simply reject all mails coming-in from the
outside world with our domain in their header (clearly those are
spoofed mails and should be deleted or bounced).  I think the 'From:'
field is what mailman processes, but I can't remember for sure.

In short, I would like to go back to accepting all mails with our
domain on our lists given we can guarantee 100% that no incoming
messages will include these blatantly fraudulent headers.

No mail should come into sina with @arabeyes on it...

Thoughts/details/actions ?


 - Nadim

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