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Re: The Files for the finance.php page


>> http://www.arabeyes.org/~amohamed/www/finance.php
> Actually, it took me some time to understand what that 'de' link was there for
> ('de' for 'delete' that is...). After I deleted all the records and that
> there's now no way to put anything in the db back ? :-) It also seems that
> the test.php that the url links to does not exist... Why not do the same like
> for all the pages on the website that ask for something to be deleted ? ie
> use a dialog.
sorry, delete should only appear, if ones registered as core member..

i don't know what you mean with a dialog..

> Also, it looks like the table is not 'justified' well. ie some of the columns
> are not aligned with the titles...

i can look into it.

could please someone from the core's do a test if they can add rows??

thnx in advance.



Omar Abo-Namous, merlin12345 at gmx dot de on 23.03.2004