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Re: Posting for Arabeys Linux Administrator position

On Mon, 2004-08-23 at 13:41, Rachid BOUKHARI wrote:
> Salam Guys,
> I'm really interested in the Linux Sytem Administrator position, I've 
> written many mails but have no response.
> Could you please help.

First off, aplogies for not replying earlier. I was up to my neck with
work. So far Anmar has been our system administrator and has indicated
that he will maintain the tasks.

However, what I would like to have is someone for Anmar to delegate
tasks to. There are many small things here and there that we would like
to do and never seem to have the time for. One high priority item is
LDAP integration with website, CVS, bugzilla, etc.

Anmar is the man you want to talk to, and this is the right list ;)

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